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Magic Magazine - Octubre 2015
Magic Magazine - Octubre 2015

Magic Magazine - Octubre 2015

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MAGIC está celebrando sus 18 años de publicación, y estan muy orgullosos de ser reconocido por el Libro Guinness de los Récords como la revista magia de mayor venta en el mundo. Cada mes, nuestros lectores reciben un promedio de 116 páginas llenas de Magia de distintas partes del mundo.

Revista en Inglés

La edicion de Octubre 2015 incluye:

Mat Franco: Reinventing Ordinary
By Rory Johnston

Adventureland: MAGIC Live 2015!
Words by Steve Bryant
Photos by David Linsell

Peter Turner
By Chris Philpott

Plus Updates on...

  • Matt Marcy's Disillusioned.
  • New artwork at the Houdini Plaza.
  • A Moment With... Larry Wilson.
  • Remembrances of Mike Hilburger, Norman Bigelow, and Johnny Aladdin.
  • MAGIC Magazine "Conventions at a Glance."

Bonus Content for the October Issue...

  • An excerpt from Matt Marcy's web series, Disillusioned.
  • Clip from the NBC TV special, Mat Franco's Got Magic.
  • Performance video of Gregory Wilson's On a Roll.
  • All twelve of the products reviewed in the October issue, plus 492 reviews from previous issues, are all now available at the fully searchable "Marketplace" section of M360.

Twelve products are reviewed this month by Gabe Fajuri, Jared Kopf, Francis Menotti, Peter Pitchford, John Wilson:
Blomberg Laboratories by Andi Gladwin
French Postcards by Chris Philpott
Voodoo by Liam Montier
Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace
Magic with Faucett Ross by Lewis Ganson
Weapons by Eric Ross
The Jekyll & Hyde Test by Scott Olgard and Luke Jonas
Misbehavin' by Kainoa Harbottle
Fisher's Dream by Inaki Zabaletta
Roberto Giobbi's Dai Vernon Seminar
Abra-Card-Abra by Jeff Wawrzaszek
X Coin Bend by Steven X

In One: Gregory Wilson

Your Magic
Steve Reynolds

Finn Jon's Esoterica: Standup OOTW
Finn Jon

Loving Mentalism: Destiny's Star
Ian Rowland

Bent on Deception: Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules!
Mike Bent

The Monk's Way: Eas(ie) Queen(ie) Mont(ie)
Steve Reynolds

Classic Correspondence: Benjamin Fuller to Charles Carter (Part 2)
Mike Caveney

For What It's Worth: The Old Man and the See
Mark Kornhauser

Walkabout Soup: Highway Patrol
Simon Coronel

Your Stories: If You're Nervous, Picture the Audience Clothed
Dan Stapleton