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Magic Magazine - Marzo 2015
Magic Magazine - Marzo 2015

Magic Magazine - Marzo 2015

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MAGIC está celebrando sus 18 años de publicación, y estan muy orgullosos de ser reconocido por el Libro Guinness de los Récords como la revista magia de mayor venta en el mundo. Cada mes, nuestros lectores reciben un promedio de 116 páginas llenas de Magia de distintas partes del mundo.

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La edicion de Marzo 2015 incluye:

TV Magic in Reality
By Alan Howard

The Magic of Levinson & Link
By Peter Samelson

Heyday of Magic
By Mark Kalin

Actualizaciones en:

  • Madame Houdini in Reno.
  • The latest SuperMagic shows in Italy.
  • Remembrances of Dean Dill and René Lavand.

    Contenido Adicional:
  • Online links to many of the shows featured in "TV Magic in Reality."
  • An audio clip from the soundtrack of The Illusionists 1903.
  • Liam Montier's tutorial video for WWBD, our "First Look" at The Controls Project.
  • Tutorial videos of Paul Gertner's Library Card, which is a cross between a book test and a card revelation, and Francis Menotti's Silver/Copper Conundrum, "a trick that's just a trick" - all from Murphy's At The Table Lecture Series.
  • The sixth and final installment of David Kaye's monthly "Turn It Around" column covers "Turning Your Audience Against You," featuring Jozo Bozo. The complete article is reprinted from the July 2006 issue of MAGIC Magazine, along with a video of Jozo performing a routine with candy - and attitude.
  • All 26 of the products reviewed in the March issue, plus 350 reviews from previous issues, are all now available at the fully searchable "Marketplace" section of M360.
  • And so much more!

    Babel by Chris Philpott
    The Art of the Con: How to Think Like a Real Hustler and Avoid Being Scammed by R. Paul Wilson
    The Incredible Dr. Jaks by Robert L. Bluemle and Leo Behnke
    Tommy Wonder's Two-Cup Routine by Tommy Wonder
    Fair Play by Steve Haynes and Paul Harris
    Mystery Solved by David Penn
    Upgrade by Danny Weiser
    Power Pull by Uday Jadugar
    McCombical by Billy McComb
    Five by Xeon Steel
    Alan Shaxon: The Sophisticated Sorcerer by Alan Shaxon, with Scott Penrose and Stephen Short
    Utsukushii by Fraser Parker
    Voices by Jeff Prace
    On/Off by Nicholas Lawrence and Sans Minds Magic
    Charles Dickens Magician by Ian Keable
    Butterfly Pass Project by Stephen Leathwaite
    Spotlight on 101 Great Magic Acts by Tony Taylor
    Phoenix Ashes by David Blanco and Asier Kidam
    The Ultimate Book Test Act by Luca Volpe and Titanas Magic
    Hidden Hand by Sean Fields
    The Magic of Suzanne: the Castle Act by Suzanne
    PS - I Love You by Steve Shufton
    Creating Theatrical Magic by Max Howard
    Si-Fi Project by Xiang Liu
    Paul Fox: Master of Mystery - Magicol 188 from Magic Collectors' Association
    Alchemist: Screwdriver by Taiwan Ben & SansMinds

    First Look: The Controls Project
    Liam Montier

    First Look: Subtle Card Creations volume 5
    Nick Trost

    The Monk's Way: If X is True, Then Why Not Do Y
    Steve Reynolds

    Loving Mentalism: Eight Card Tarot
    Ian Rowland

    Bent on Deception: Instant Gratification
    Mike Bent

    Classic Correspondence: H. Adrian Smith to John Snyder
    Mike Caveney

    For What It's Worth: The Cheese Trap
    Mark Kornhauser

    Walkabout Soup: Max Maven's Most Memorable Advice
    Simon Coronel