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Magic Magazine - Febrero 2015
Magic Magazine - Febrero 2015

Magic Magazine - Febrero 2015

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MAGIC está celebrando sus 18 años de publicación, y estan muy orgullosos de ser reconocido por el Libro Guinness de los Récords como la revista magia de mayor venta en el mundo. Cada mes, nuestros lectores reciben un promedio de 116 páginas llenas de Magia de distintas partes del mundo.

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La edicion de Febrero 2015 incluye:

Justin Flom - Make Magic, Share Joy
By Rory Johnston

Piddington's Secrets
By Martin T. Hart

Bill Cook's Not Your Friend - Yet
By Jaq Greenspon

How'd They Meet
By Alan Howard

Actualizaciones de:

  • A magic course at a university in Sweden.
  • David Ben onstage as The Conjuror.
  • A look at The Illusionists 1903.
  • A Moment With Wizard Wars creator Rick Lax.
  • Congratulations to Alan Watson.
  • Remembrances Amy Dawes, Jim Alfredson, and Steve Walker.

    Contenido Extra:
  • Three performance videos from Justin Flom.
  • Video tutorials on Justin Flom's Pull My Finger and USS Sweet & Low tricks.
  • An excerpt from Make Believe featuring Bill Cook, and a spotlight with Bill talking about the film.
  • The Piddingtons' 1949 BBC radio broadcast from the Tower of London, plus a video of them in a trailer for Piddington's Secrets Revealed.
  • Chris Mayhew's sandwich card effect with a twist, Al Rorrinson's relinking a key to a spectator's key ring, Chris Korn's production of a small bottle from a fire ball, Jeff Prace's rigid-rope routine using an earbud - all from Murphy's At The Table Lecture Series.
  • Lennart Green teaches his 4 Aces Squared from this 2005 DVD, now rereleased by Meir Yedid.
  • First Look excerpts from DVDs: The Rings by Chris Capehart, and The '80s Called and They Want Their Magic Book Back by Jonathan Friedman.
  • Fielding West's 2013 talk about, and performance of, psychic surgery joins MAGIC Live presentations by Kevin Spencer, Tina Lenert, Wayne Dobson & Jeff McBride, Joanie Spina, Gene Anderson, Xavier Mortimer, and Master Payne.
  • "Martin Gardner's Corner" ran intermittently in MAGIC Magazine from 1994 to 2004. Martin would have turned 100 years old on October 21, 2014. To celebrate, we're posting 52 of his "Corners," one per week for the next year. Each has been selected and annotated by Jason England and illustrated by Tom Jorgenson.

    The Sense of Wonder by Robert E. Neale
    Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum II by Mike Caveney
    Don't Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O'Dell by Michael Claxton
    C4 by Jonathan Levit
    Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay
    Cloth by Steve Valentine
    Extortion by Patrick Kun and Sans Minds Magic
    Cody's Comedy Book Test by Cody Fisher
    Conversation as Mentalism Volume 2 by Mark Elsdon
    WaterWorks by Uday Jadugar
    Betcha!: How to Win Free Drinks for Life by Simon Lovell
    MindSight by Andreu
    Classifying Deck by Mago Granell
    Dream Prediction Elite by Paul Romhany
    Jacks in the Box by Aldo Colombini
    Entertainer's Handbook by Mike Stilwell
    Rubber Bang by Sean Yang
    Silent Mora: The Story of Louis J. McCord by William V. Rauscher
    Coin Thru Nose by Tyler Sutter and The Magic Estate
    Stand Up Magic by Tom Wright
    Magic Holetite Pencil
    The Rings by Chris Capehart
    Tie Shell by David Penn
    Method Memorabilia by Steven Palmer
    John Henry Anderson: The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family by Edwin and Michael Dawes

    First Look: Destination Zero
    John Bannon

    The Monk's Way: Shift and Control
    Steve Reynolds

    Loving Mentalism: Pascal's Swindle
    Ian Rowland

    Bent on Deception: Black and Blue and Gold
    Mike Bent

    Classic Correspondence: Lewis Ganson to Charles Rosskam
    Mike Caveney

    For What It's Worth: High School Magical
    Mark Kornhauser

    Walkabout Soup: The Ethic of Reciprocity and "How Did You Do That?"
    Simon Coronel