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Magic Magazine - Enero 2015
Magic Magazine - Enero 2015

Magic Magazine - Enero 2015

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MAGIC está celebrando sus 18 años de publicación, y estan muy orgullosos de ser reconocido por el Libro Guinness de los Récords como la revista magia de mayor venta en el mundo. Cada mes, nuestros lectores reciben un promedio de 116 páginas llenas de Magia de distintas partes del mundo.

Revista en Inglés

La edicion de Enero 2015 incluye:

The Saint of Sin City
By Max Maven

The Magic Summit
By Rory Johnston

A Picture is Worth Two Thousand Words
By Jamie D. Grant

The Illusionists on Broadway
By Peter Samelson

Actualizaciones de:

  • Opening night reviews for The Illusionists on Broadway
  • The International Magic Convention in London
  • The World Deaf Magicians Festival in Chicago
  • A mindreading pizza menu that knows what you want before you do
  • Remembrance of Bobby Bernard

Contenido Extra por:

  • An excerpt from The Mac King Comedy Magic Show.
  • Two earlier articles by Max Maven on Mac King from MAGIC Magazine: "Howdy - He's Mac King" (November 1992) and "Big Mac" (April 2008).
  • Three Peter McKinnon videos: Madison Dealer, Artifica, and Republic.

Art Decko by Simon Aronson
Ocular by Alexis de la Fuente
Pop Haydn's Four Ring Routine by Pop Haydn
Ahead of the Game by Jonathan Levit
Kidtrix by Paul Osborne
Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot
Secret Twitter by Roberto Giobbi
Skyline by Danny Weiser
Octopalm by Jim Bodine
Heirloom Deluxe, Emily's Revenge by Colin Miller and Jamie Badman
The Complete Al Leech by Al Leech, edited by Danny Rudnick
Victory Carton Illusions by U.F. Grant
Big Magic for Little Hands by Joshua Jay
Bill Flash Reverse by Mickael Chatelain
Sparks by JC James
The Art of Play by Terry Ward
Evolution of Card Manipulation by Lee Ang Hsuan
The Magic Graveyard by Al the Only

Flashback: Inside Out
Jon Racherbaumer

Real-World Methods: Stage Control
Fielding West

The Monk's Way: C&B Uploaded, Phase 1
Steve Reynolds

Loving Mentalism: Espresso ESP
Ian Rowland

Bent on Deception: Ella the Extremely Efficient Elf
Mike Bent

Classic Correspondence: George Boston to Larry Carter
Mike Caveney

For What It's Worth: Mugged
Mark Kornhauser

Walkabout Soup: Sticky Situations
Simon Coronel